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Hello! Welcome on Fede3DWorkshop.
Here i publish all the 3D model and 3D prints I make.
I mostly do tabletop terrain pieces and miniatures , focused on fantasy.
Other than that I also realize keychains, gadget, accessory or utility things.

With Blender I realize the 3D models all by myself, then I 3D print and handpaint them.

You can find all my works here: Portfolio page

  • prison cellar ruin 3d printable 3d model - 3D printable 3D model prison cellar ruin – tabletop terrain 3D model I made with Blender. 3D printable prison cellar ruin usable as tabletop terrain for fantasy games. Download link: https://cults3d.com/en/3d-model/game/prison-ruin-fantasy-tabletop-terrain https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:6281062 File is a single STL piece.
  • Generic columns – 3D printable 3D model - Generic columns fantasy terrain – 3D model In this post I collect all various stand alone column with different styles I make. Generic fantasy column I made as fast exercise. Made as tabletop fantasy terrain 3D printable. Column similar to “greek style”. I made 3 version: base, sculpted and sculpted ruin. I divided it in […]
  • Generic tower 3D model – fantasy tabletop terrain - 3D model tower – terrain tabletop 3D model I made with Blender of a fantasy tower. I made some accessories too and a tree, to make a render (limited to my pc performance..) Model is 3D printable, but at the moment I didn’t prepared the stl file yet.